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Yash Enterprises manufactures a wide range of winding and allied machines by using premium quality raw material, procured from Faridabad and Haryana. Designed to perfection, the products hold the unique features of flexibility and versatility and require low maintenance. With longer serviceability and quick response time, the entire range of winding and allied machines by us is matchless and holds capacity of customization.

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CNC Ceiling Fan Coil Winding MachineCNC Ceiling Fan Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer
Our success in frequent industries is ensured through the ability that solves different types of manufacturing-related problems through the CNC Ceiling Fan Coil Winding Machines or Fan Winding Machine. Outfitted with sophisticated facilities, we are capable of customizing the range and offer inventive and hard-wearing machines that are used in diverse industrial applications. Being the sole manufacturers of CNC Ceiling Fan Coil Winding in India, Yash Enterprises is successfully catering to the requirements of all manufacturing divisions that are concerned with winding of coils.

Technical specifications

No. of Spendel
Wire Size
Stator Diameter
Stator Thickness
Reverse Motor
Max. Speed
Power Source
Main Motor
Traverse Motor
Net Weight
Gross Weight
2 Single Drive
0.1-1.2 mm
35 mmto 180 mm
8 mm to 36 mm
100 mm
0-4500 RPM
A/C-1 HP
Stepping Motor
600 x750 x750 mm
180 kg
220 kg
50 pcs/hour

Paper Inserting Machine Manufacturer
Paper Inserting Machine Exporter
Paper Inserting Machine (Top/Bottom)
We offer a huge assortment of paper inserting machines that are widely used in the paper industry, stationary and other related sectors. The paper inserting machine is available in special designs in which the paper is inserted from the top & bottom side. These can be customized as per the special requirements of the clients.

Technical specifications

Max. Speed
Power source
Main shaft motor transducer
Machine dimensions
Net weight
Gross weight
0~ 1,200 turns/min
220V 1 /2HP AC 50HZ/60HZ 5%/440V
AC 1 /2 three-phase motor 1 HP

The flexible paper inserting machines offered perform the tiresome job of folding and inserting documents, be it single or multiple into an envelope in an automatic manner. This machine enables collating, folding and inserting of the document into an envelope in a single go. Moreover, all these tasks are performed in a clean and proficient manner by the folder inserting machine. Single central machines have the flexibility to perform various jobs in an office department.

Technical specifications:
Max. Speed
Power source
Main shaft motor
Machine dimensions
Net weight
Gross weight
0~1,200 turns/min
220V 1/2HP AC 50HZ/60HZ 5%/440V
AC1/2 three-phase motor 1HP transducer
710 x 410 x 750mm

Wedge Inserting Machine Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Wedge Inserting Machines
Wedge Inserting Machine (Top / Bottom)
Our range of wedge inserting machines is widely used in various industries for its excellent features that make them the most sought after product in its segment. Also available in customized designs, some of the highlighting features of the machine are:

Technique Data:

Stator thickness
Stator slots
Stator diameter
Insulating slice thick
Insulating slice width
Power supply
10-55mm (customize to special specification)
8~36 slots
70~160mm (customize to special specification)
width: 8~45 mm
220V 50HZ/60HZ 5%/440V
1/2HP AC motor 1 converter
12 slots7 sec/pcs about500 pcs/h

Apart from the wedge inserting machine (Top), we also offer wedge inserting machine (Bottom). These are available in customized as well as standard designs. The machines offer faster insertion and faster jog change. All its operations are automatic, and its sturdy structure ensures that it is durable and requires low maintenance.

CNC Coil Winding MachineCNC Coil Winding Machine Manufacturer
The earlier method of winding the coils by hands was time consuming and tedious. Comprehending the problems faced by the operators, we introduced machine to wind up the coils for the fans. Being the sole manufacturers of CNC Ceiling Fan Coil Winding in India, Yash Enterprises is successfully catering to the requirements of all manufacturing divisions that are concerned with winding of coils.

Controller features:
600. Microprocessor makes easy to data setting and operating, and it has 1000 steps, storing memory capacity for programming
601. Nine winding parameters and five options make it widely usable
602. CThree display units make the display during setting and running
603. Winding speed can be specified by using the front panel keypad, resulting in easy programming of multi-step, multi-speed settings
604. Operation Input 220V AC 50HZ

24 Volt DC Magnetic Brake
24 Volt DC Magnetic Brake Manufacturer
We offer flexible magnetic brakes that operate on 24 Volt DC. These brakes do not require any type of interfacing relays i.e. requires less wiring. These brakes enable direct power supply to the clutch or brake. The pins of the brakes do not require greasing as the pin holes incorporates non-grease bearings (dry metal), thereby making them easy to maintain.

The main components are castled to reduce extra thickness. The air dumper structure of the brake enables utilization of negative pressure caused by braking in magnetic gap space. This further reduces the mechanical shock in case of combined motor shaft and machine shaft. These brakes offer reliable operations under extreme conditions when it is used continuously and frequently.

CNC PVC Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine
CNC PVC Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine Manufacturer
Precise steady body; convenient and explicit operate touch panel. Fully computerized with Digital Display and can store up to 999 in formations. New improved safety features ensure "ZERO" wastage, when operating under instructions. The machine can stop operating automatically when the end of the coil wire.

Technical specifications
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Stripping Length
Cutting Tolerance
Wire Type
Wire Size
Processing Capacity
AC 220V
0.1-99999 mm
(0.2 x 0.002 L) mm
PVC, Teflon, Glass Wire
AWG# 12-30
L=100mm, 100pcs/min

Transformer Winding Machine ManufacturerTransformer Winding Machine

CNC Transformer Winding Machine from our house is the extreme form of engineering. We manufacture only hi-tech and modernist transformer winding machine which is know for its relentless performance. Due to this, we are becoming popular as one of the highly sought after CNC winding machine supplier.

Product Description
W450x D 340x H500 mm
Weight 40 Kg
Power Supply  Ac 220V` 260V  
Power Consumption 260 W    
Boring Size OD 10x L-70 m   
Wire Gauge   0.1 mm to 3 mm

Winding Machines Exporter

Winding Machines Manufacturer/Exporter
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